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Bullet Proof /Armoured Vehicles

Passenger Car Tyres

TTGA, a mobility solution provider to all the security and armed forces of INDIA, enjoys leadership in the field of RUNFLAT / Bullet-proof tyres. Our 15 years of experience, spontaneous technical and product support from our principal M/s Hutchinson industries USA and France is the key. Customer satisfaction is our utmost priority.


RUN FLAT system allows the vehicle to be driven with one or more flat tires - this eliminates the immediate need to change to a spare tire and increases the mobility of the vehicle.

Options available in this category are:


Rodgard (a division of Hutchinson Industries) pneumatic tire inserts are designed to provide extended mobility when one or more tires are deflated.



The Rodgard Runflat is made from a specially formulated lightweight, high strength compound designed to resist crack propagation from ballistic attack and severe road hazards. The Rodgard Runflat is made from a specially formulated lightweight, high strength compound designed to resist crack propagation from ballistic attack and severe road hazards.

The Rodgard Runflat is comprised of two components, a roller and a runner (See illustration).

The runner is securely attached to the wheel in the drop center, and provides a track or channel in which the roller is allowed to move or "rotate" about the wheel at the same speed as the tire, thus reducing friction and heat build up.

Standard Tubelss Tyre

Proven Performance

Rodgard Runflats have been used and proven for over 25 years of service on armored vehicles, police vehicles, riot control vehicles, and cash-in-transit vehicles. The Rodgard Runflat provides excellent handling and performance after a tire deflation compared to other static type runflat systems.

Rodgard Runflats in Armored Vehicles Rodgard Runflats in Armored Vehicles

The Rodgard Runflat is the runflat of choice of most Government Armored Vehicles world over

  • Rodgard designs runflat devices to US Army, NATO/FINABEL speed and distance standards of 50km @ 50km/hr (30 miles @ 30 mph)
  • Rodgard has received TÜV approval (FTP92/1655/01/08)


Rodgard runflats are available to fit all common wheel and tire combinations. We have multiple sizes available per tire diameter to meet specific mission profile performance requirements resulting in maximum runflat performance.

  • Sedans/SUVs: 14", 15", 16", 17", 18", 19", 20"
  • Trucks: 17.5", 19.5", 22.5"

Hutchinson VFI

Variable Function Insert (VFI) - rubber based insert that fits securely around a multi-piece, "flat base" rim. The device is inserted into a tubeless tire, which is in turn fitted around the wheel. The three components complement each other as they are all designed to work together to provide optimum mobility. Two types of wheels are necessary for use in this "assembly" …either a "2 piece bolt together" or a "3 piece lock ring style" which utilizes a lock ring and side ring to secure all the parts together.

In addition, the VFI provides improved survivability for vehicle occupants due to the nature of its engineered design and the added benefit of the dense rubber based material from which the product is manufactured.

The Hutchinson VFI is designed for dual use: a beadlock and runflat, thus providing maximum performance in all terrain conditions. Most importantly, the VFI meets all U.S. military standards, as well as the FINABEL and NATO standards…making the VFI the most widely used runflat in the world.

Beadlock System Tyres with Runflat System


Hutchinson CRF

Composite RunFlat (CRF) – a reinforced polymer device designed for one-piece wheels to provide flat tire mobility when used with pneumatic tires. This special composite material reduces friction and heat buildup inside a flat tire. The CRF is easily mounted inside a standard tubeless tire on a traditional "drop center style" wheel using normal tire mounting tools. Each CRF is custom built to meet the specific load rating criteria and distance requirements of the application.

Composite RunFlat (CRF) Composite RunFlat (CRF) Composite RunFlat (CRF)

Beadlock System

Hutchinson offers three types of beadlock devices for use on extreme terrain where mobility is very low. The rubber beadlock is a reinforced ring that allows the tires to be deflated to very low air pressures. The device provides enhanced mobility and maneuverability while eliminating concern for tires spinning on or coming off of the rim. Although the beadlock will aid the driver in maintaining control of the vehicle, it is not a runflat device that prevents tire or wheel damage when run at zero air pressure. Aluminum and steel beadlocks are also available for applications requiring a reduction in weight compared to the rubber device.

Tyre without Beadlock System Tyre with Beadlock System

The following chart shows how much added footprint and traction you can gain by reducing tire pressure. Beadlock helps maintain the tire bead seal even at relatively low air pressures, so you can get a wider range of performance from a single set of tires.

Tyre Pressure Chart

Tubeless Tyres

We offer special range of tubeless tyres required for Bullet proof vehicles.

Some of the options offered by us:

Passenger cars / SUV / Light Truck Segment:

Passenger Car Tyre LTX A/T Passenger Car Tyre Latitude Cross Passenger Car Tyre Agilis

Heavy Vehicles:

Tyre for Heavy Vehicles XZL Tyre for Heavy Vehicles XZY-3 Tyre for Heavy Vehicles KFD04


Tubeless Wheels

We, at TTGA, design wheels for Passenger Cars range to Commercial Vehicles for specialized applications and get them developed from the Wheel Manufacturers. We cater to all the OEM’s, actual users in replacement market and niche segments. We are continuously enhancing the value of the product, based on feedback from customers and outcome of our in-house facilities.


Passenger Car / SUV segment

Passenger Car Alloy Wheel Passenger Car Steel Wheel SUV Wheel

Wheel for Passenger Car / SUV is a single-piece drop centre wheel wherein the disk and rim are welded together.

Size range offered for this segment:

Passenger Car Size Range

Heavy Vehicle Segment (Trucks, Buses, Light Commercial Vehicles, etc.)

Single Piece Drop Centre Wheel 3 Piece Wheel

Single piece drop centre wheel

3 piece wheel

These are for tubeless type applications. Single, two and three piece wheels are available.

Patented rim design fully optimized for severe operating conditions.

Size range offered for this segment:

Single Piece Size Range Multi Piece Size Range


Tubeless Valves

Metal valves are for highly stressed wheels on vans and vehicles with high tyre pressure and tyre temperatures.

Tubeless Valves for Car and Van Tubeless Valves for Car and Van
Tubeless Valves for cars and vans
Tubeless Valves for Trucks Tubeless Valves for Trucks
Tubeless valves for trucks


Tyre Pressure Monitor System (TPMS) - based on radio frequency sensing it helps the driver to monitor the real-time pressure and temperature in the tyre with the help of dashboard mounted display monitor. It helps to improve the overall tyre performance of the vehicle.

System includes 1 monitor, 1 standard booster (optional) and 2 TO 38 transmitters and it can support monitoring of up to 38 tires. The transmitter can be screwed onto the tire instead of the valve cap. It senses the pressure inside the tyre all the time and transmits the pressure information data to the monitor by RF technology. The monitor can receive and deal with the data, then display the pressure on the screen. The monitor can issue different alarms if the tyre pressure is at an improper level based on the standard pressure, so as to notify the driver to treat the problem and avoid tyre busting or tyre damage.

Tyre Pressure Monitor System (TPMS) Tyre Pressure Monitor System (TPMS)


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