Health & Safety Policy
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Health & Safety Policy


Health and Safety of our employees is of utmost importance and of a serious concern of TTGA. Our staff, managers, supervisors, technicians as well as senior management, has to visit mines and other work sites time to time for inspection / execution of the work.


We ensure that all our employees follow our “Health & Safety Guideline”. We also have a detailed “Dos & Don’ts”  for visiting and operating at Industrial sites.




Health & Safety Guideline


  • Every visitor should strictly adhere and comply with the safety instructions issued by the local management of respective mines. Site in-charge will ensure that a copy of safety instructions issued by respective mines is displayed in their offices and every employee of TTGA is well briefed about the safety requirements of visiting mine/site.
  • Every visitor must respect and obey the local safety rules of the mine and follow the laid down safety procedure.
  • Every visitor must wear safety helmet, safety vest, safety shoes, safety glasses and safety belts/ shining bands before entering the mining area.




Dos & Don'ts


  • Do not enter/pass restricted area or work areas when demarcated with display boards barricaded or marked with tapes etc.
  • Do not temper with any out of service tag.
  • Do not temper with an electrical cables or appliances.
  • Do not temper with any machine or system controls at all.
  • Do not smoke while in office/mining area or traveling in a vehicle and ensure that cigarette butts are put into ash tray/bin.
  • Report to mine safety officer for any adversities/ accidents.
  • Do not drink water from the running taps.
  • Obey traffic rules while moving in a vehicle in mining area.
  • Obtain permission of competent authority before entering any mining area.
  • Follow local instructions and pay attention to signboards and announcements.
  • Do not violate the local orders and strictly follow the security instructions.
  • Park your vehicle only at authorized parking areas.
  • Carry First-Aid box if moving in a vehicle and also familiarize the visitor with local medical facilities.
  • Keep your immediate junior informed of your movements in the mining area.
  • Keep the safety head-gear and other equipment in serviceable condition.
  • Complete your mission and come-out safely from mine as cheerful as possible.




Note: - In emergency, contact the Safety officer of the mine and also inform Company.

H.Q (011-25153714/19 or Mob:-08860086066).


Brief details of the incident to be highlighted and all possible measures will be taken to provide best possible Medical-Aid.

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