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Earthmover/ OTR Tyres

TTGA being the proud partner of Michelin in EM / OTR tyre segment offers products for a wide range of vehicles. Products are available for mentioned categories.

Tyres for Medium-capacity rigid dump trucks

Medium capacity rigid dump trucks

These machines operate in a wide variety of environments: quarries, construction sites and mines. While the conditions in which they are used may vary greatly, the operational requirements remain the same: performance, reliability and cost-effectiveness.

In the MICHELIN range of tyres for medium-capacity site dumper trucks, you are sure to find a solution that is specially adapted to the conditions in which your vehicles operate.

Dempos 18.00 R 33

Dempos 18.00 R 33

EMTA 27.00 R 49 XDRB

EMTA 27.00 R 49 XDRB

NMDC 10&11A-27.00 R 49

NMDC 10&11A-27.00 R 49

Tata-Noamundi – 27.00 R 49 XDR

Tata-Noamundi – 27.00 R 49 XDR


Tyres for Articulated dump trucks

Articulated dump trucks

For anyone who works with articulated dump trucks, nothing is more important than their vehicles capacity to go everywhere, no matter what the terrain or weather conditions. The MICHELIN range for articulated dump trucks allow you to find the solution best suited to your requirements of mobility and all-purpose operation.

Being fitted with MICHELIN tyres extends your machines availability even further and makes them more productive.

Sesa Goa, Codli mine   26.5 R 25
Sesa Goa, Codli mine   26.5 R 25


Tyres for Scraps


During earthworks and stripping operations, scrapers "plane down" the soil. They call on the tyre's qualities of traction and resistance.

To accompany developments in the machines, especially in terms of power, MICHELIN has extended its range of scraper tyres.

You are sure to find the tyre that will guarantee optimum performance for your vehicles.

Tyre for Scraps


Tyres for Loaders


The working conditions of loaders vary widely, by virtue of the size of the machines and the variety of the size of the machines and the variety of tasks required of them (work face, rehandling or loading). In the MICHELIN range of special loader tyres, you are sure to find the solution best suited to your conditions of use.

The products of a close partnership with manufacturers and extensive experience in the field, this range has been developed by MICHELIN with a sole goal in view: lowering your operating costs.

Ambuja, Kodinar  26.5 R 25Ambuja, Kodinar  26.5 R 25

Bemta 23.5 R 25 XLDD2A Bemta 23.5 R 25 XLDD2A

Delta Construction 23.5 R 25 XHADelta Construction 23.5 R 25 XHA

Peetambra Granite 33-65 R 33 XLDD2APeetambra Granite 33-65 R 33 XLDD2A


Tyres for Graders


With their combination of solidity and precision, graders must be constantly available, whether for maintaining or cleaning tracks, banking or regulating layers (earthworks or construction). To be efficient, these invaluable tools need to be fitted with tyres that are perfectly suited to the task in hand.

To ensure that your machine are always available, MICHELIN offers a vast range of tyres, catering for all working conditions. You are sure to find a solution that reduces the operating costs of your graders.

Tyre for Graders


Tyres for Underground mining vehicles

Underground mining vehicles

These very specific vehicles operate in underground galleries and tunnels and carry heavy loads. The condition in which they work mean that the tyres are required to withstand all types of harsh conditions (terrain, sidewall damages).

MICHELIN has developed a range of tyres specially designed:

  • to operate in these very penalising conditions
  • to enable you to optimize your vehicle productivity

Tyre for Underground mining vehicles


Tyres for Cranes and for special vehicles

Cranes and for special vehicles

Vehicles in this category are required to meet demands that are often varied ; from lengthy high-speed road journey to operations on undeveloped land, without compromising on safety.

For these very particular uses, MICHELIN has developed a range of tyres capable of handling any situation ; from motorway travelling to operations in desert regions, and from winter conditions to muddy terrain.

Navin Lifters Tyre for Cranes and special vehicle
Navin Lifters

Tyre for Cranes and special vehicle

Tyres for Compactors


Compactors are used for preparatory or finishing work, primarily on public works projects.

The compaction of soils and bitumen consists either in leveling them or, in the case of finishing work, surfacing them for roads construction. Tyre-mounted compactors offer greater operator comfort, manoeuvrability and mobility, but their tyres are subject to high stress levels (high temperature of the materials).

MICHELIN has therefore developed a specific solution adapted to these conditions.

Tyres for Compactors


Tyres for Compact loaders, and all terrain telescopic handlers

Compact loaders, and all terrain telescopic handlers

A backhoe, a compact loader and an all-terrain telescopic handler all have very diverse uses (agricultural, public works or earthquake sites).

They consequently share a common demand for all-purpose capability and resistance in their tyres.

This is why MICHELIN offers a range of agro-industrial tyres catering for all applications, regardless of the nature of the terrain or the type pf projects. you are sure to find the solution that will increase the availability and productivity of your vehicles.

Tyres for Compact loaders, and all terrain telescopic handlers


Tyres for Skid steer loaders

Skid steer loaders

Small and easy to manoeurve, skid steer loaders are increasingly used on construction, demolition and recycling sites. They are also used for various agricultural or the maintenance of parks and gardens. They are also present in industrial material.

The diversity of the machine's working conditions and configuration demands tyres that are both robust and all-purpose.

MICHELIN's solution: the first radial tyre engineered for this type of machine: the Stabil 'XZSL.

Stabil XZSL


Tyres for Wheeled excavators

Wheeled excavators

The tasks for which wheeled excavators are used are highly diversified and demand specific tyre characteristics:

  • resistance for construction, demolition, recycling and material handling.
  • traction for agricultural applications and the maintenance of parks and gardens.

The solution developed by MICHELIN: a radial tyre that is fitted in single format and which is efficient in all applications.

Tyres for Wheeled excavators


Detailed List of Michelin Tyre Sizes Available.

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