Our German Principal, REMA TIP TOP is a globally operating system provider of services and products in the field of conveying and treatment technology as well as tyre repair. REMA TIP TOP provides a global service network and offers a broad range of polymer based products, linings and coatings for the industrial as well as for the automotive sector.

  • 6000 and more products for the Automotive and Industrial Sector.
  • 150 subsidiaries and participations worldwide
  • Registered sales of more than 894 million euros
  • 6300 and more employees in the parent company.
  • 20000 dedicated team of Tip Top personnel worldwide
  • 15 production factories in Germany and other parts of the world.


Our French Principal “MICHELIN”, a globally recognized tyre manufacturer, is an international company in its true sense and the largest producer of Radials tyre in the world with. Some key facts about Michelin:

113,400 employees on December 31, 2012

166 million tires produced, close to 10 million maps and guides sold, 970 million itineraries calculated by Via Michelin.

2012 Net Sales: € 21.5 billion.

69 production facilities in 18 countries on December 31, 2012.

Marketing operations in more than 170 countries.

Michelin’s share of the global market in 2012: 14.6%

Passenger Car and Light Truck Tires Market and Related Distribution in 2012:

    1. 52% of consolidated net sales
    1. 31% of consolidated net sales
    1. MICHELIN Lifestyle: More than 15 million licensed products sold

Truck Tires Market and Related Distribution in 2012

    1. 17% of consolidated net sales


1995 brought in yet another world leader to the group when marketing relations were established with Hutchinson Inc. U.S.A., subsidiary of Hutchinson Industries, France a 150 year old “TOTAL” group company. Hutchinson Industries are the worlds largest and the leading successful producer of Runflat systems used in armored military and civil vehicles.  The two brands of products manufactured by them are Hutchinson and Rodgard safety devices.

  • 26,000 employees from 119 operational units spread over 27 countries
  • 87 Sites Worldwide
  • Operation in 21 Countries
  • 5.4% of sales invested in R&D
  • Turnover: € 2,281 million

Continental India

Our principals from South America, AGP, “The Global Leader in the production of the State-of-the art in Security Glass”, have been in the business of saving life since 1965 with :

  • Four production plants in America & Soutth America
  • Commercial offices in 11 countries spanning 5 continents.
  • More than 1000 customers in 45 countries
  • Mission : To Save lives by manufacturing innovative security glass designs for use in multiple markets worldwide.
  • Vision : To be a world class company within the security glass sector with first class personnel focused on manufacturing high valve-added products.
  • Market Segmentation : Automotive, Military, Marine, Architecture, Trails, Transport.




Partner Speak

Thomas Triller

Area Manager, Rema Tip Top, Germany

“We are proud to say that the family owned and driven company TTGA in Delhi is one of our oldest partners worldwide – in fact it is our oldest partner or REMA TIP TOP outside of Europe.

Since 1955 we are enjoying an excellent cooperation with TTGA (meanwhile with the third generation) who successfully introduced RTT in India & made our brand as popular in India as it is in the rest of the world, standing for premium quality products for the automotive & for the conveyor belt industry. In an always changing environment we have gone successfully a long way together and we are looking forward to continue and develop this cooperation further to the next level.”

Sandeep Pannu

National Sales Manager, Michelin

“TTGA is highly procedure oriented co. They keep records of the data. Whenever required, things can be taken out for discussion.”

Joe Duffy

VP/GM, Hutchinson Industries

“For over 20 years, TTGA has been a trusted partner of Hutchinson. Through our collaboration, trust and recognition of each other’s value we are able to meet our common goals and most importantly provide satisfaction to our customers”