TTGA offers a multi-purpose super absorbent powder which is environment and human friendly, thus taking responsibility about our environment.


SWIPE is a multi purpose super absorbent powder suitable for soaking up any kind of liquid or semi-liquid substance, including all animal, vegetable, mineral, petroleum and chemical liquids, except hydrofluoric acid.

It is an inert inorganic blend of siliceous minerals containing sodium, potassium and aluminium in different composition. SWIPE absorbs liquids through a process called silica encapsulation. In fact, what SWIPE absorbs becomes part of the silicate molecules.

SWIPE Advantage

It is an Absorbent and not an Adsorbent powder like the great majority of the products on market.

Whatever may be the viscosity of substances; SWIPE soaks up any sort of liquids and leaves the surface clean and dry. SWIPE turns the liquid into solid that can be easily disposed.

It is easy to use and ensures a remarkable reduction in cleaning and disposal costs. As a multi-purpose dry absorbent powder it is safe for all applications and suitable for removing stains caused by petroleum products, paints, glycol, all liquid and semi-liquid food substances, human fluids (e.g. blood) and all chemicals. It is not harmful for plants, animals and people and does not damage soil, cement, asphalt, tiles etc. It has no reactive chemicals and is not toxic, flammable or biodegradable and is environmentally safe and friendly.

Furthermore, the same amount of SWIPE can be used many a time to absorb different substances.