A tyre in general is a balance of performances. MICHELIN passenger car tyres supplied by TTGA Pvt Ltd are a blend of high performance, combining with the fundamental benefits of every MICHELIN tyre: safety, mileage and energy efficiency.

  • Safety: Tyres, as the sole contact point with the road, play an essential role in terms of safety. They must provide enough grip during turns or braking, especially on wet roads
  • Mileage: We’d all like our tyres to give us more kilometres. The tread, which is the part in contact with the ground, is incised with grooves which separate the various “rubber blocks”. These tread patterns molded in the tyre play a significant role in the way it wears.
  • Energy Efficiency: Did you know that your tyres are responsible for 20% of fuel consumption? This is due to the Rolling Resistance phenomenon. Reducing rolling resistance means reducing fuel consumption and thus, CO2 emissions.