Infrastructure & Retail

  • Rubber Linings and Sheeting Materials
  • Drum Lagging Sheeting and Materials
  • Belt Cleaning Systems
  • Conveyor Skirt Rubbers and Systems
  • Conveyor Splicing Cold and Hot Vulcanizing Materials
  • Hot and Cold Repair Materials for Nylon and Steel Cord Conveyors
  • Bonding Adhesive and Solutions
  • Soft and Hard Rubber Lining and Coating Systems for Corrosion Protection, a comprehensive range of materials (rubber, polyurethane, ceramics, polyurea, polytetrafluoroethylene, polyethylene, etc.) for a wide range of applications related to Wear Protection
  • Specialized Belt Maintenance accessories
  • Special-purpose Belt Vulcanizing and Repair Tools and Kits

Our Repair and Maintenance services include the following:

  • Total Belt maintenance based on the MARC management concept
  • Repair of Steel Cord and Textile Conveyor Belts
  • Splicing and Jointing of Conveyor Belts and specialized Belts, such as Horizontal
  • Vacuum Belt filters, Sidewall Belts for vertical conveying, Pipe Conveyor Belts, etc.
  • Rubber Lagging of Conveyor Drive, Snub and Tail Pulleys
  • Training on effective repair and maintenance of Conveyor Belts
  • Application of Rubber Lining and Coating Systems for Corrosion Protection on-site and in the workshop

We are using the Rema Tip Top German technology for our industrial servicing—a cold vulcanizing technique for repair of all kinds of rubber products like tyres, Conveyor Belts, etc. All related repair material, application equipment and tools have been developed accordingly. Regular back-up support from our principals keeps our Industrial Division ahead of competition in terms of technology and quality.