We have inducted a great product for impact protection – ECOFLEX Safety Rubber Flooring. The flooring provides great safety for jogging tracks, swimming pools, play-area for children, horse stables and gymnasium etc.

After a detailed site-study, different design options and concepts are offered to customers. As per the selection of designs and requirements, on site flooring is done. Repair jobs are taken as per the customer need / requirement.

Site Study

A detailed study is done on the customer site by our team, keeping the requirements of the client in mind. PCC finish is required for the subfloor and IPS finish is required for Tuffloor.

Concept & Design

Once the site study is complete, our design team offers options available to choose from. We can also customise designs as per the requirements of the customers.


All the products of Ecoflex flooring have to be pasted on the even and smooth sub floor IPS with proper slope to drain. Pasting is done by applying adhesive on the back of the tiles and on the sub floor. The advantage lies in replacing the individual tiles for specific wear and tear areas.


AMC option is available after 1 year of installation. An extended warranty also kicks in one year after purchase, on expiry of the free warranty period