LED Tyre Pressure Alarm

A unique and simple Visual warning system for Passenger Car, Truck and Bus and OTR Tyres

Key Features

Visual warning system that

  • Flashes red when activated
  • Flashes yellow after 600 hours of flashing red
  • LED flashes for 700 hours on activation
  • Includes a red protector cap
  • Easy to install
  • LED sensor positioned directly on the valve
  • Self-calibrates each time it is installed or reinstalled
  • High accuracy under-inflation warning
  • Signals at a pressure drop of 4 PSI (Cars); 6 PSI (Truck and Bus); 8 PSI (Earthmovers)
  • Compensates temperature variations
  • Equipped with built-in Anti-theft lock


  • Preventive Tyre management that
  • Improved efficiency in fuel consumption
  • Increased safety and Tyre life
  • Reduces maintenance and breakdown costs
  • Timely check of tyre pressure due to visual signal
  • Accurate and activated only by drop in tyre pressure
  • Maintenance free