Defense & Aerospace


Today TTGA has emerged as an end-to-end single window Mobility solutions provider with a Pan India presence. The company prides itself on having forged long standing and sustainable relationships with clients and international partners alike.

  • Aircraft tyres: TTGA supplies Michelin tyres for military aircraft, helicopters and commercial airliners
  • Passenger car, heavy and light truck tyres: These tyres are for bullet proof/bullet resistant cars, mine protected vehicles, other security and utility vehicles and for heavy and light trucks (for on and off-road applications)
  • Bullet proof glass for defence
  • Runflat systems and Runflat Wheel Assemblies
  • Runflat Systems for high security bullet proof/bullet Resistant VVIP passenger cars
  • Runflat Systems 4×4 for bullet proof/bullet resistant utility vehicles
  • Runflat Systems for Mine Protected Vehicles (MPV) for the army, paramilitary and police forces
  • Composite Runflat Systems for armored multi-utility and bullet resistant VVIP vehicles
  • Runflat Systems for LAVs, LBPVs, LSVs and other armored wheel equipment for the Indian army
  • These are ideal for light, medium and heavy defense carriers
  • Runflat systems for missile launchers, missile carriers and similar equipment
  • Tools, spares, accessories and tubeless tyre repair kits
  • Special tools and equipment, including Safety, maintenance and care products
  • Complete Runflat Wheel Assemblies that are ready to bolt on to assembly lines
  • Testing to ensure that our customers comply with the US Army/FINABEL standards
  • Training on fitment, maintenance and repair of Runflat Wheel Assemblies
  • Spares including tyres and Runflat accessories
  • Specialized repair kits and training
  • Total on-site maintenance and repair based on the MARC management concept with long term service contracts