Mining & Industrial

Customer-oriented Support backed by TTGA innovation and research for Minimal downtime,  Cost optimization and reduction, Life extension  and  Safety Assurance Commitment to Environment and  responsible Rubber Waste Disposal Productivity  Profitability enhancement and Training, Knowledge Sharing and Sharing of Industry Best Practices. The hallmark of TTGA’s  services are:

  • Deep knowledge of tyre construction, tyre application and selection
  • Training on fitment and maintenance
  • Regular examination of tyres in operation
  • Ability to resolve tyre problems on site and suggest ways and means for effective tyre management
  • Partnership with Michelin, and access to Michelin’s high quality accessories to customers as well as expertise and high quality repairs using Rema Tip Top’s German technology, repair materials, for longer lasting fixes



  • Conveyor Belts including Steel Cord, Plied Texting, Solid Woven, Heat
  • Resistant, Tube and Sidewall Beltings
  • Pulley Laggings
  • Bonding adhesives
  • Repair materials
  • Hot & Cold vulcanising materials
  • Belt Cleaning Systems
  • Rubber lining
  • Coatings for wear and corrosion protection
  • Maintenance & Repair to ensure : Turnkey Services for supply, splicing, jointing, laying and commissioning of conveyor belts
  • Pre-emptive and scheduled maintenance of Conveyor belts in operation
  • Assistance to customers in implementing high-quality maintenance practice
  • Onsite supervision for erection & commissioning of Conveyor belts and systems
  • Provision of splicing kits for hot vulcanising of fabric and steel cord belts
    of all specifications in bulk, as well as kits
  • Training on effective repair and maintenance of conveyor belts
  • Focus on providing total tyre maintenance based on the MARC Management concept TTGA’s Tyre Division has been serving the Mining industry from the time the company began operations. We take pride in having introduced the Radial concept to the Indian Mining Industry. Our product range includes tyres of all sizes from the world’s leading tyre manufacturers
  • Earthmover and Industrial tyres: These tyres are for rigid body dump trucks, articulated dump trucks, loaders, graders and other work machines and underground mining machines, etc.