Corrosion Protection is a process to protect the irons or any types of mechanical structures like pipelines, bridges tanks etc. from moisture or humidity, salty atmosphere, chemical reaction ,  high temperature etc. such and so.

TTGA as the oldest industry in the country in the field of Cold vulcanization of rubber for Conveyor belt repairing & maintenance, wear protection and Corrosion Protection (Rubber Linings and Coating Systems) Product sales and Service.  We started our services in 1955 with technical know how of our principals M/S Rema Tip Top International, Germany who in turn are pioneers in the world for cold vulcanization and  Corrosion Protection Products.

We have been serving various industries like Chemical Industry, Industrial water treatment works, Paper and Pulp Industry, Food industry, Power stations, Mineral processing, Fertilizers, Petrochemicals etc. We are also dealing in various kinds of Products and Services for Corrosion Protection like;


  • CHEMOLINE Soft rubber linings
  • CHEMONIT Hard rubber linings
  • COROFLAKE Polymer coatings
  • COROPUR Polyurethane coatings
  • TOPLINE Lining System


  • Rubber lining of pipelines, containers, structures etc.
  • Corrosion and Abrasion protection services through Polymer based Coatings.

We have a team of highly trained and skilled technicians in our Service Division which has been catering to a large number of Customers countrywide since last four decades. The above mentioned services are carried out by our highly experienced service division on site. We maintain the most stringent quality control procedures which are diligently followed by each one of our technicians. We have patronized the Rema Tip Top German Technology for our industrial servicing in Corrosion Protection. All the related materials, application equipment and tools have been developed accordingly .Regular back up support from our principal’s keeps our Industrial Division ahead of competition in technology and quality. We’ve a large number of big companies as our customers in the Indian Industry. Please do find attached ‘our company profile.

Our REMA TIP TOP range of Products is highly resistant to chemical, thermal and mechanical wear and tear. We ensure that each protective system can optimally fulfill its task and will successfully contribute to the future economical and effective working of your installation.