enTIRE Wheels Tyre and Rim Management System.

enTIRE Wheels is a Windows based computer program that will track the performance and stock levels of a fleet of tyres and rims. It will also report on vehicle down times associated with tyre management. enTIRE is particularly unique in providing the user with a very friendly drag drop interface. This allows relatively inexperienced users to easily input information into enTIRE by simply dragging and dropping tyres, rims or assemblies in a single screen.

enTIRE comes with a rich set of reports and on screen queries that you can use to analyse the performance of your tyre, rim and vehicle fleet. Apart from the obvious benefits of tracking the life and history of each rim, safety is an important feature of this system. Often sites do not track the history of rims which can expose the operation with safety issues. Using such a management tool correctly can reduce your overall costs and assist you in identifying tyre, rim and vehicle problems.

The savings that you can achieve with enTIRE, will pay for its cost within a short time. And with enTIRE controlling more than 70 sites throughout the World, valued at close to $100,000,000 worth of tyres and rims per annum, it has become the most successful tyre management system available today.

enTIRE wheels is a single or multi user TMS application, supporting large numbers of users and sites on a network or via the Internet. enTIRE will provide our customer with concise performance and stock information along with and extensive history of each tyre.

enTIRE Wheels will provide extensive information as to the:

  • Total hours, distance and tonnes tyres are achieving
  • Wear rates by tyre brand, size, type, vehicle and position
  • Cost per hour, distance or tonne
  • Location and status of all tyres (including those away for repair or recapping)
  • Deliveries of tyres and rims
  • Status of Rim tests and inspections (Rim Tracking)