TTGA in collaboration with JUST EASY TOOLS bring to you the Easy Gripper system. With an Easy Gripper installed on a truck crane, forklift, telehandler or front loader, mobile and on-site tyre service can be done in any environment and at the same time improving both efficiency and safety!

Mounting, demounting, moving, tilting and stacking of OTR, EM and AGRO tyres up to 8 ton – depending on the configuration, have been made a whole lot easier and safer with the Easy Gripper product range from Just Easy Tools.


Improve safety and ergonomic working environment

The Easy Grippers are tyre manipulators designed to save time and resources as well as improve occupational health, ergonomic working environment and safety.
– Unique 3-point grip
– Precise movement both horizontally and vertically
– Precise rotation (+/- 25°)
– Integrated camera system with automatic IR function
– Unique ring handling tools
– Flat top arm for limited tyre clearance
– Telescopic pipes for long reach


Ring handling tools improve safety

Special and unique ring handling tools are another exclusive feature that is only available with an Easy Gripper. The ring handling tools are mounted on the gripper pipes, and enable the tyre fitter to handle both rim, tyre rings and side rings in a safe and secure manner. The special and unique tools grip, hold, press or place the tyre, rim and rings as needed. A major improvement of safety and effectivity!

Contact us to make sure that you get the configuration and the size of equipment, which meets your requirements.